a small studio
a small studio




Ginkgo consultants blend unique personal experiences with decades of corporate experience in order to help their clients build a better foundation for sustainable growth. They call it transformational leadership development. We called it Gingko.


Creating a ripple effect from within

We developed the Ginkgo symbol to display an abstracted ripple out of the base of a tree, symbolizing their impact of growth from the inside out; thus setting the visual tone for the brand.

Building upon the ripple motif, we deconstructed and reassembled the symbol in a number of ways allowing the viewer to have a new experience of the ripple with every glance. Through color change, scaling, and repositioning we discovered what would happen if we shifted our preconceived notions of what a ripple looked like.


Finding the perfect balance

We set out to create a color system that was dynamic. It was critical to hug the line between serious and forward thinking, while appealing to all.

The system can expand and simplify depending on the application, all while keeping the same visual tone of transformative, energetic, and hopeful.

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This team has been a true catalyst to the development of my brand and I could not be more pleased and excited with the outcome.  — Koran Hardimon, Founder of Ginkgo



Name Discovery, Art Direction, Branding, Marketing Collateral


Professional Services


Jan 2018