March 2024


Your adventure has taken a mysteriously exciting turn. You have found the Emerging Creative Circle, a community designed by a small studio to empower you for the journey ahead. This community will entertain, inspire and educate you to worry less about getting ahead in the design world. To kickstart the growth process, we are bringing you a free online series, Designers are Scary! Take a deep breath; you were born to take this on.

We'll be back in 2024 with the next edition of Designers are Scary! Stay tuned!

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Meet the


Jessica Luch

Creative Director

A multi-disciplinary creative who loves building and leading curiosity-fueled teams. With fifteen years of experience across several crafts, my aim is to create distinctive work that commands presence.

Sean Williams

Managing Partner, Product Design at UNKNOWN

I could be totally wrong but people seem to think I’m pretty positive, friendly and curious. I’m not a big fan of blowing my own trumpet, so receiving positive feedback is probably more difficult for me than the constructive stuff. My mission is simple: continue to build teams of awesome, unbelievably talented people in Product and Design.

Steve Price

Chief Creative x Brand Officer

Meet Steve, a seasoned entrepreneur and designer, and the undisputed heavyweight of trying incredibly difficult things. Founder of ShoutOutToHelpOut, a platform to refine and showcase the portfolio of fresh creative graduates from all over the world. Also currently the Chief Creative and Brand Officer of LKYSUNZ, a spanking new F1 team.

John Johnson

Principal & Identity Architect

John is the founder and principal of a small studio, where he leverages his background in Architecture and Business Administration to positively impact emerging creatives across the globe, while empowering his client partners with visual and narrative identities that are second to none. From local businesses to startups and Unicorns, he and his collective of gifted creatives make impactful work happen.

Sarah Cantor

Senior Designer & Artist

Meet your Moderator! Sarah is a Senior Visual Designer at a small studio, where she specializes in breaking things (and eventually putting them back together)! She uses her gifts to bridge the worlds of brand and product design. Sarah also uses her design skills as a textile artist, handcrafting tufted rugs and mixed media art under the pseudonym @funaunt_

Thank You!

Thank you to our panelists and to everyone who attended our October 24th session! Here is the full recording of Designers are Scary... Killer Portfolios!

You've got all it takes.