March 28, 2023


Your adventure has taken a mysteriously exciting turn. You have found the Emerging Creative Circle, a community designed by a small studio to empower you for the journey ahead. This community will entertain, inspire and educate you to worry less about getting ahead in the design world. To kickstart the growth process, we are bringing you a free online series, Designers are Scary! Take a deep breath; you were born to take this on.

We promise they don't bite.

Margaret Royena

Designer, 3D & AR Artist

Margaret’s digital passions have led to projects ranging from product design concepts, web design, 3D, and augmented reality. Currently, she’s a Senior Designer at ContraBureau, focusing on experiential event design & branding.

Tyler West

2D & 3D Designer

Tyler is a freelance designer based in Chicago, IL. Initially starting off in the field of UI/UX, Tyler has pivoted into the field of motion design where he is currently involved in both 2D and 3D projects.

Briyana Butler


Briyana Butler is a multidisciplinary designer based out of Brooklyn, New York. She currently works for a small agency called OrangeYouGlad as a Graphic Designer. She's done work for various clients such as MyFitnessPal, Google and Booking Holdings.

Scott Yu-Jan

Interaction Designer & Content Creator

Scott Yu-Jan is an Interaction Designer at Google by day and a content creator on YouTube by night. His mission is to inspire a new generation of artists and designers by sharing his creative process through storytelling and film.

Sarah Cantor

Designer & Artist

Meet your Moderator! Sarah is a Senior Visual Designer at a small studio, where she specializes in breaking things (and eventually putting them back together)! She also uses her design skills as a textile artist, handcrafting tufted rugs and wall hangings under the pseudonym 'Fun Aunt!'

You've got all it takes.